Funny Pictures 2017



Happy Halloween y’all


My daughter drew this. She calls it Extraterrestrial Dinner Date


Your daughter is quite talented! It’s a very good looking alien!


Definite talent. The anatomical details are excellent.


It never occurred to me to ask whether Grays are mammalian or whether they’re humanoid just by coincidence. Now when people look up “Do aliens have nipples?” this should be the top result! :alien:


I had the same thought. Theory these days tends to lean towards extraterrestrial evolution mimicking terran evolution. So when we do visit other worlds, we would likely see analogs filling not only the same niches, but resembling appearance as well.
My daughter said she googled ‘anorexic’ to get a body model rather than considering whether or not greys were mammalian. Shes 15; Imma cut her some slack.


Ask her if it has a navel


First nipples, then navel, then… :eek:

I’m not sure I like where this is going!


We need someone with first-hand experience to chime in.


The one I saw had three nostrils


Why you don’t leave the baby with DAD:


What have you done when your kid was with you and your wife wasn’t looking ? What did you dress them up as?






Saw an article about this picture recently. Apparently 75% of people can “hear” it (I definitely can).


Yeah, I read the same article. For me, it’s totally silent. Maybe my imagination is going deaf…


Is this high pitch or low pitch?

Try the “mosquito” test (the electronic device, not the insect). You’re not supposed to be able to hear it if you’re over 30, but that’s just on average. Don’t put the speaker next to your ear – it’s still there even if you can’t hear it.

There’s another one that gives you a range from high to low over a period of 10 or 15 seconds, and if you try it out on people of different ages they’ll most likely say they start hearing it at different points.


I scored under 30, which is quite flattering, but I still can’t hear the jump-roping pylon. Like I said, deafness (or at least silence) of the imagination.