Funny Pictures 2018



Good point. What they really need is a sign that says no walking around or riding bike mindlessly staring at your phone in the middle of a bike and walking path.


The original price. :grin:


Actually it is, or used to be until it was made illegal 10 or 15 years ago.
Guys would get loaded whilst playing Chinese chess or whatever and fights would break out.

I’m not kidding.


Sounds like fun. I still see lots of guys playing at Longshan Temple and other spots. Never seen anyone fighting about it though.


Yep, a guy got shot at the gazebo they always use up here in Shipai, maybe 10 years back. That ended anyone sitting at the gazebo for a few years. They were trickling back but I haven’t been up there in a while.


Hey @mad_masala, you’ve got competition!


This store just open up recently in Xinyi



So, why is that funny? What’s wrong with that?

surely it’s OK to specialise in one great style…


If it’s good enough for Agassi, it’s good enough for me.


Don’t think there’s anything really wrong with it.

It’s funny because of movies like Joe Dirt, comedic actors like Danny McBride, 80s hair bands, and of course Billy Ray Cyrus. In the US it connotes ill-advised shortcuts. Business up front, party in the back - that kind of shortcut. Probably not fair since we Americans would be nothing if we were’t free to reinvent ourselves whenever we want, no judging.




I don’t think you can call a mullet a shortcut. Perhaps a long cut, but not a shortcut.

now this is a shortcut, barber style.


@mad_masala was here. :grin:



Is this an example of cross-branding?


Luv that chest rug that climbs like a vine and wraps up a guy’s neck so that you do not know where the beard begins/ends. :heart_eyes::yum::kissing_closed_eyes:

Is there a special name for taht one too, like the treasure trail?


Good thing that’s what you like, 'cause Agassi’s hair was totally fake. He was already going bald back then.

Full primate?


Hair on top of his head is not what I am interested in. I am going for full frontal furry. A nice pillow where I can rest my weary head. a Lovely hairy necklace where I can tangle my overworked hands. You get the picture. :blush::howyoudoin:


Hair on the head is really overrated. Full frontal furry all the way, especially if well cushioned from years of beer intake.