Funny Pictures 2018



A strange savegame indeed




A candidate for the Kaohsiung City Council:


I guess Trump was too controversial.


He wanted to aim high, but not that high.


I really do not understand. he must be pretty desperate for attention. The ad has Kim screaming: No party affiliations! XYZ school graduate!

I do not get it.


This is why they don’t want to give people like you citizenship. You just don’t understand Taiwanese culture. :sunglasses:


Wait, that’s a real ad!?!? No. No no no no no. No.


If people want to express they went to a famous school, why do they get Kim to say it? Explain it to me!

If the school is not famous, what is the point? Kuabuola!


When Kim talks, people listen (or else).





If only they make some kind of device that can rest on top of his head so he doesn’t have to hold it with his hands. :ponder:


Well, he has one already, but it only protects the back of his neck. I’d like to invent a device with 360 degree protection all around the head. Not sure if people would actually wear it though…


Make sure you patent that idea before someone steals it and makes millions on your behalf.


You should present that idea at the Computex in Taipei next month. Add some IoT / machine learning / VR AI and more fotm IT lingo and you’re bound to start swimming in phat stacks of cash.
I’ll get a mere 7.5% for the suggestion.


8.7% for my initial suggestion.


The “Ever Increasing Rate of Doom” will be applied starting from the second month, but don’t tell him. Once he finds out it will be too late.


I was actually thinking of going more low-tech and focusing on the branding by giving it a quaint, exotic name. How does “sombrero” sound?


Cultural appropriation intensifies.