Funny Pictures 2018

They all seem pretty true, except for the last one about work/life balance.

Taiwan News did a piece about this meme -it has been doing the rounds in FB and otehr social media for a few days now.

One thing: they translate KaoBei engineer as “one who likes to complain a lot”. I know that writting a four letter word on a newspaper would be a no no, but at least I would translate it as “dammed/doomed engineers”. What do you guys think?

“Damned engineers” sounds right to me! I’m sure we could come up with a gentler substitute for “damned” if needed


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I mean , those guys working 18 hours a day, shunned by girls as nerds, poor things!

Not trying to get into a dispute, but I looked around the 'net, and I got the impression that it was Minnan dialect for something like “crybaby.”

This page features “KPKB” as abbreviated (Minnan dialect?) slang:

This page is from a site or subsite that looks like a Minnan dictionary (just guessing).

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It’s too late for that now.

It can mean something like that, but also be a more general term of disapproval, kind of like “damned” has a more specific meaning and a more general usage.

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That site may reflect Singapore’s usage. I’d put some local examples here but I fear it would be over PG.

My mental image for this word has always been the f-word. As in what the f happened. I am f.-ed. etc. from, context.

Like: there is a typhoon coming but we have to go to work in the morning. Reply: Kaobei!

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I often think of it being used like “damn it!” or “goddammit!” Much like you’re example there.

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Seems like 靠北 and 靠腰 started out as expressions telling people to stop complaining (STFU), but have now morphed into general expletives.

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Ah, one of those. I think I’ll just bow out and let you all split up my share of any remaining fun. :slight_smile:

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I love this!

9 ways to divide Taiwan


KaoBei Engineer needs to be a new forum honorary title :sweat_smile:

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I don’t get it. It doesn’t seem correct and some things don’t even make sense.

That’s funny. But I don’t understand what KaoBei engineer means.

We went into conversation about this in the funny pictures thread.

Sorry about the double post. @moderators

KaoBei is a swearword. As far as I understood my engineer colleagues, this is the stereotype of an always swearing engineer, often software coder, with natural habitat for example in Hsinchu.

What are the tones for that? I’m terrified to use the Mandarin anglicism for “copy” now. :worried:

“Foul-mouthed engineer” then?

“Sailor engineeer”, as in swearing like a sailor, or rather, a “pirate engineer”?