Funny Pictures 2018


By the way the graphic is on that one, with the “Liberal Hipster[s]” and “Old Farmer[s]”, I would probably say “God damn Engineers”. Or simply, “Fucking Engineers”.


Pronounced similarly to 靠杯, although often written in Mandarin as 靠北, while the literal meaning is 哭爸.


Dunno. F-ing engineers seems demeaning, like saying you hate them.


Trippy. I just stumbled upon a Facebook account called “靠北工程師.” And it links to an Instagram account by the same name. There’s also a Twitter account by that name.

So I guess this is an actual, substantial (to use the current parlance:) thing.


taipei is an international city? news to me


Who is the Chinese speaking target audience in Chunghua area gas stations that is confused by urinals where there are also toilets in the same bathroom?

“Do not defecate in the urinal”


When you gotta go, you gotta go!


Yeah, apparently it’s basically a collection of jokes on the theme of engineers complaining about being ugly and not being able to get chicks. So I guess the 靠北 is referring to complaining.


IMO that was their intent. Hence the “Old Farmer” and “Liberal Hipster”. I’m guessing most people wouldn’t want to be labelled a liberal hipster. :2cents:


Funny that you would mention this, I happen to be a pirate engineer. Literally.


Well, I guess I’ll have to switch sides: one Taiwanese thought it was most likely a bad word, and another indicated that it’s considerably stronger than crybaby.

Paisei to all.


Does it really sound like that? I ask because I just now pictured a foreigner going into one of these copying places, smiling shyly, and saying the Chinese equivalent of, “Excuse me, would you please make me a hundred *:fire:@!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:#:skull_and_crossbones:s of this document?”





Expanded version, inspirated by the original artist!




Sigh. :heart_eyes::rofl:


Yelp could’ve had so much potential in Taiwan.

I now have to sift through endless blog posts to find a picture of a menu or even just the address if the owner of the place hadn’t registered their restaurant with Google maps.


Yelp or no Yelp, with the way the libel laws work here, nobody dares to write negative restaurant reviews, so most online reviews just end up being useless infomercials with endless food porn photos.