Funny Pictures 2018


Yelp is so low on the radar, but yes, still a bit “dangerous”.

Those Google map reviews though…some are pretty harsh.


Damn. This is what I do, and I’ve always assumed I was looking into restaurants the wrong way - but I guess I’ve been doing it the “best” way for Taiwan, which is still pretty damn crappy.


Another foreigner taking advantage.


Actually, I distrust reviews that are too harsh. No matter how bad a meal is, it cannot be a total disaster, and if it is, you do not need to read the Google review to know, the place has already closed or is well known as a stinker. Plu there are simply too many vengeful souls out there, people who do this kind of reviews on purpose not because they had a bad experince but rather something personal against the owner, they want the property, etc.


Damn, what a baller! I’m gonna have to try growing a mustache like that.


I usually take them with a grain of salt.

Most of the deliberate one star reviews are just…poorly written or one sentence reviews.
The ones that are actually long and somewhat informational, are also very obvious that they are deliberate because not one thing went right in their experience.

Best to cross reference reviews over multiple platforms.





“This so-called ‘waterway’ is full of–”


I’ll thank you kindly not to trash Britain’s most beautiful waterways!



The ChiComs are a truly devious adversary.


Probably photoshopped, but still funny.


I admire your faith in the news media. :sunglasses:


I doubt everything these days! I’m even starting to wonder if you really are a cow doctor!!


Oh ye of little faith. I may have to start publishing testimonials from my hundreds of satisfied patients in the Tri-Hsien Area.