Funny Pictures 2019

Thanks for the mental image. :dizzy_face:

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I really don’t appreciate being put on blast like that. **

** I’m a notorious for misspellings on the Flob. :joy::joy::joy:

Is that from ADHD?

Ummm. What are really trying to say?

Thought maybe a connection to this thread

I still missing the joke. Or shade. :thinking::thinking: As I don’t have ADHD or posted in that thread.

Don’t think too much please. I was just trying to connect the funny spelling challenges pic with the recent discussion on ADHD. Not shade :doh:

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Kind of how I speak Chinese…


Your spelling seems fine to me. Maybe it’s improved over the years?

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Not in the very least. But it’s the grammar police I have to watch out for now.


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Always appreciate a IASIP reference!

Not a fan of the show, but it’s a good line.


I tried to like it…I really did.

Damn, I really thought that gif would be larger…

You can edit the dimensions when posting (or with 10 min)

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