Funny Pictures 2019



I imagine the scene where the tattooed guy meets his Chinese friend…

Tattooed Guy: Hey, Chinese Friend! You are from China, right?
Chinese Friend: Yeah, why the question?
TG: You know, I got this tattoo when I went to China, can you tell me what’s written here?
CF: “I don’t know I can’t speak Chinese”
TG: But I thought you were from China!
CF: Yes, I am!
TG: So?
CF: So what?
TG: So tell me what’s written in my tattoo!
CF: “I don’t know I can’t speak Chinese”
TG: But I thought you could speak Chinese!
CF: Yes, I can.
TG: So you just cannot read it?
CF: Read what?
TG: Chinese! Can you read Chinese?
CF: Yes, I can.
TG: So why did you say you can’t?
CF: I didn’t say that!
TG: Yes, you said it! You said that you don’t know you can’t speak Chinese!
CF: Oh! No, I mean your tattoo is written “I don’t know I can’t speak Chinese”
TG: Oh…
CF: Yeah…
TG: …
CF: …
TG: Do you know anywhere I could remove it?


I was thinking that and you wrote that.


Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley, in the famous Versace outfit, attend the premiere of Four Weddings & a Funeral in 1994.

Noel Gallagher celebrates after the 1997 Brit Awards


Since hair can’t be preserved in fossils, we can’t rule out the possibility that dinosaurs looked like this

The Uk Space Programme



Amusing , but hardly the post of a Gentleman :scream:


You’re right. That gentleman’s post is not hard, merely amusing.
My apologies


Would be an interesting Social experiment to go out wearing these , though :thinking:I am sure @mad_masala would be game . :wink:




Sadly, Jimmy Fallon’s teacher fell foul of JPs rule about speaking precisely. Those most likely to muddy the gene pool are also those least likely to get married. [/mrlogic]