Funny Pictures 2019




Zero carbon footprint :grin:


Is it Friday yet?





I don’t understand what’s going on in that photo…


Look at it again. You’ll get it.


Wednesdays are worse than Mondays


Shit…I thought today was Thursday!!!


See what I mean?


Yes. Condolences all around. :cry:






What happened next?


The guy tries it on. Ay up lass, how do you like your eggs in the morning …?


Only if he gets there. Did you see the banana peel on the floor?
He didn’t! :rofl:


I did, but have you noticed that when you’re looking to the right, your path tends to drift off to the left? Saved by the eye candy!


Oh snap, there is, and some eggs too


“Well hello there lady, how is it going today?”
“Great thanks, I’m just doing my daily grocer…”
“WOAAH WATCH IT LADY, there’s a banana on the ground!”
“Thank you kind sir, I was about to drop all my eggs!”
“You seem to be struggling to carry them all, how about I finish cleaning turd stains from my high heel shoes and give you a ride on my Lambo?”
“That’s so nice of you! Is there anything I could do to repay you?”
“Well, we’ll see after I take off my skirt and show my OTHER banana!”

I want to get off from current year.