Funny Pictures 2019

Had to look it up too, . Number of pigs is likely from the modern “everyone is the best” line of teaching.

2 of them should have already been eaten by the time the brick house comes around.


This issue is far more important than current politics … it’s crucial :yum: Those British schools may have been feeding me with lies @DrewC :thinking::joy:


What do you mean, eaten?! In my version of the story they lose the house and run to their brother’s!?

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Sanitized PC nonsense :wink: First two are devoured …yum yum …last one “outfoxes” the Wolf and makes him climb down the chimney , into a boiling cauldron . And everyone ( except 2 pigs and a wolf) live happily ever after


Cool Aid man always smashed through brick walls.

The USA version of 3 pigs has each pig running to the next house for safety until they all end up together in the 3rd pig’s house. The wolf jumps down the chimney, is burned by boiling water, shoots back up the chimney and runs away. Nobody dies.


I got the Kool aid reference but it’s still going over my head

Unlike Rocket speak :joy:


@DrewC I commend your effort , now that I know the PC version of the story , and know what kool aid is :smirk:it makes perfect sense

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It… does? :flushed:

Kool Aid is some delicious shit btw. Recommend it if you can find it.

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Aye, in the original the first 2 pigs are eaten and then the wolf ends up eaten by the third pig after he climbs down the chimney into the boiling cauldron.

In the sanitized Disney version the pigs escape, the wolf burns his butt and runs away.

In the super sanitized version the pigs go to find the wolf and discover him crying in the woods. After a good heart to heart they realize his bad behavior is simply due to loneliness as he has no friends. They all become friends and live happily ever after.


That’s a lot of pictures to take of one’s dump.

Walt Disney, right?



Oh here we go again – everybody wins, PC nonsense, mollycoddling the strawberryflake generation to turn them into transcendental mutants, the sky is falling, run for your lives, buy a bunker and vote as far right as you possibly can! :runaway:

Versions in which all three pigs survive date back to at least 1892, for crying out loud! :grandpa:

The cauldron is supposed to be on the pigs’ side, but with the right motivation it could flip. :money_mouth_face: (Or it’s not the cauldron from the house but just a friendly neighborhood sellsword, like Ser Bronn of the Blackwater.)

We’re watching you, Drew… :male_detective:


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Why are people calling it this?
A cauldron is what witches use to boil their potions.

The Kool-Aid man is a pitcher of Kool-Aid, not a cauldron.


@shiadoa had to make it weird…

That’s some psychedelic shit right there.