Funny Political Pictures


I want to like that one, but I’m…from California. :disappointed_relieved:


Oregon! You’re from Oregon. That’s your story and you’re sticking to it!


Um…yes, right. Of course, Oregon. Go…Ducks?


Back in my youth I spent 6 weeks taking a marine biology course over an “inter-term” (clever marketing ploy to get college students to pay for taking courses over Christmas break) in Coos Bay, Oregon. No monsoon anywhere has anything on Coos Bay, Oregon, in the winter. Ducks would be apt, I think.


The first rule of the Pacific North Wet: never go there in the winter (I’ve indeed never been there in winter). The Oregon coast is glorious in the summer though.


It is certainly of zero help if they spoke French. Completely different words for that :hushed: Cajun is so different !


No one’s perfect, don’t worry about it too much. You’re still my favorite bovine.


I like to think of myself as a reformed Californian.


this one is a little dry





Something to do with infrastructure?


911 and the twin towers coming down led to disinterest in board games where you build things just to see them come crashing down? I think so.

Wow. Dry is one way to put it. I hadn’t realized just how raw that wound still is, at least for me. :anguished:




Yeah, it’s not a “Ha ha” funny, but more of a “uhh hah, yeah…:confused::pensive:









She could afford it, if only the government used taxpayers money to provide universal free housing…