Funny Political Pictures


And even worse, his latest star vehicle is total crap. :sunglasses:


Eh? When did STDs become STIs? I need to get out more.


The only crime in Hollywood.


That, and being a Republican. :open_mouth:


You can figure out the difference between an infection and a disease.


Indeed. Ask James Woods. Fantastic actor.


“The terms STI and STD are synonymous. “STI” is used more frequently now because of the negative association with the term “disease” and because some diseases are considered incurable. In contrast, there is usually less stigma attached to the term “infection” and many STIs are actually easily curable.”

“Sorry, I think I may have passed on an STI.”

“Oh, that’s OK. It’s curable. Which one”

“Gonorrhea .”

“Tha FUCK?!”



OK, semantics to a degree.

However, I think it’s reasonable to differentiate between an infection you have and the point where that infection becomes harmful.



Because astrology wasn’t fake enough already…or something.


By now Wenner must be muttering to himself, “just kill me now.” Can’t be easy, chasing the eyeballs of cutting-edge millennials.


A thankless task if there ever was one.




I knew he looked like somebody. The resemblance is striking!




The mayor of Tijuana is based AF.


What does he mean by “again?”


Tijuana was a pretty rocking place back during Prohibition, for obvious reasons.



Holy crap you’re still with us!!! Last time I remember you wrote something like:“I don’t like to go to the philippines because people get killed, but i have business to do there”, then you suddenly disappeared. I thought you were gone for good 8(