Funny Political Pictures



My state has an election this weekend. Saw this gem on facebook. Isn’t this admission of discrimination? Well, I suppose it’s only discrimination if it targets the unprivileged class


I was expecting the last sentence to be “that don’t need no man”, but they chose not to go full retard, only 90%.


It’s funny they don’t even get how bigoted it is. Imagine that sentence read: “The XYZ are a party led by a group of powerful and strong Asians. That doesn’t happen by accident”. People would be like, “WTF? Seriously, you exclude from leadership all those who don’t have the right facial features?”.

Not to mention the implication that women are inherently more competent than men, therefore no need to even mention what their policies are or how they intend to make them happen. No, it’s enough that all the leaders have XX chromosomes.



the north sentinel tribe did nothing wrong.



I don’t even know where to start with this one…


“mostly true”

Was Harambe’s death what pushed the God Emperor to victory?


In other words, “complete bullshit.”



One of the above articles is real.

Mind status = blown beyond the capacity for rational thought



Tolkien’s orcs seem to have been inspired by Byzantine-era Turks.


Jeb! had the right idea. The DPP should have put an exclamation point after their name this election cycle. They’r obviously hiring the wrong consultants.





OMG, that facial mole is making me nauseous.


Mmmmmoley, moleyyyy