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I’ve being watching the YouTube series on which this meme was based on.
Very interesting! Unfortunately, many of the people who sit to talk are coming ready for a fight, not a discussion…


I don’t even find Crowder to be particularly articulate, but with the caliber of student and teacher on college campuses these days, he doesn’t really need to be.


Well, it is a tough choice between year gas and a bullet.


Please. Cholera is endemic in Central America. We are used to unsanitary conditions. Plus water in Mexico is better quality in cleanliness.

There are scores of volunteers handing out water.

Many parents flee with sick children because they cannot afford medical care. To get medical care, you need dollars.


Just gets to show how difficult it is to lose weight after a lifetime of poor diet.


What upsets me about all this is that they will not find what they’re looking for.

People flock to the US or Europe with the belief that, if only they can make it to a different country, all will be well. With a few exceptions (for example, educated types from India, Pakistan and Poland seem to do well in the UK) people who grew up in poverty will remain poor wherever they are. They carry their prisons around in their own heads.

I’m oversimplifying of course, but people forget that drug lords, corrupt mayors, and bent cops who are supposedly responsible for the state of Failed States are drawn from the general populace. The characteristics they have are the same characteristics everyone else has, except writ large. They’re the sons of your next-door neighbour, kids you went to school with. They’re ordinary. They do what they do because, at some fundamental level, it’s accepted as normal. It may even be what everyone aspires to. People who bring those attitudes to functioning countries quickly find that they’re marginalised, distrusted, and fundamentally unemployable.

In other words, the rot doesn’t start at the top and work its way down, although it’s comforting to believe that it does. Sure the mushrooms will fruit at the surface, but the mycelium runs all the way through.


Well, most people who have the courage to face thousands of kilos of uncertainty are not your run of the mill. Some already ran small businesses before they just couldn’t. And if they were not better than their peers, they would not be persecuted. As elements of change, they are a threat to the regimes and hence that is why they flee.

Just to be alive is good enough. Next generation will have a different mentality.

BTW I am reading the press in Spanish looking for why the kid is in diapers. So far I have only found out that more than half the caravan is comprised of women.


Possible. I’d be genuinely curious to know the demographics. It’s equally possible that the people with the least to lose would be the ones who would take that risk. The middle classes tend to hunker down and hope for the best … until the door gets kicked in at 3am.

If you’re right, the fact that potential change-makers would rather flee (rather than attempt social change) suggests that they are a tiny minority who would receive no support from the majority, and that those who remain are essentially content to live in a corrupt, non-functioning hellhole.


The ones who live is because they fit.

See, in any Central American country, women are killed for being women. Officially the number is 11 per day. The men are not prosecuted, domestic violence runs rampant. The mess benefits the elite. So women flee with their children. Mature men stay because they are sitting on the catbird seat, why leave? So we have teenagers and young men in the caravan. Teenagers whose parents have been killed or who abandoned them. Young men who think differently and hope to send money back to protect their families.


Indeed. But more crucially, it benefits those who are not the elite. They get to do whatever they want to do with impunity. No elite can hold power without the tacit consent of the majority, simply because there are so few of the elite and so many young men who might (if they had a mind to do so) pick up a weapon and storm the palace.

And so the elite and the plebs continue in their deadly embrace.


According to most of the sources I’ve seen, the majority are young men.


This is what I heard as well.




Taiwan’s stature in the world:


From Mexican press/authorities, at the border there are around 7300/7500 souls, which over 3500 to 4000 are women.

Most people who usually head North are men, indeed, but the caravans provide more safety, so there are more women traveling in them. The women speak of trying before and being robbed and raped. So far, in the midst of the huge numbers traveling together, plus teh assistance of the locals, those incidents have not been repeated.


The numbers you get depend on your sources:


Well, the Mexdicans are on this side and the US press on the other.

As long as they do not say they are with ISIS. Stolen children? Drag a stolen child a thousand kilometers on foot… Sigh…


You’re assuming the Mexdican (:grin:) press are sticking to the facts in their reporting?