Funny Political Pictures


OK, Spanish press?


They’re even more left wing than the Mexdican press.



For Pete’s sake men, that has not been the case for a long time. The only leftist left are in Venezuela and Nicaragua. Rest is extreme right, every one fend for themselves.

Certainly less when it has to do with refugees.


They’re largely left wing when it comes to relations with the U.S. (protecting the interests of the local oligarchs is another matter).


Eh that is not left wing, I´d call it bare survival. US hegemony has been taken over by China, the new “benefactor” , read piggy bank.






That cartoon is offensive. She should have written “there are” instead of “there’s”.




Idk why this topic is even called funny political pictures when all these pictures are far-right circlejerk UNFUNNY ones.



there you go, I cropped your new avatar for you.

“A sport related thread??? I MUST MAKE A REPLY TO SAY SPORTS SUCK!”

“A thread about funny images??? I MUST MAKE A REPLY TO SAY THESE IMAGES SUCK!!!”

“A thread about something I don’t care about??? I MUST MAKE A REPLY AND CALL SOMEONE A CUNT!!!”

Fun times at parties, eh.

there you go,some more triggering.

Haha, triggering…because of the explo…nah, too hard.


Well @Gain
You can apologize anytime.




Yeah, that really triggered me. I almost didn’t post it.


I understand. It’s always hard to laugh at yourself. :grin:


It’s missing a Kekistani flag on the wall!!



Cat does Hillary impression: