Funny Political Pictures


I think he’s referring to catcalling.


I think they invited him in order to have the token guy whose opinion is so bad that he makes everyone else sound like an expert.



Wasn’t this one posted already?


I think @DrewCutz wants to provoke a reaction.

The thing about Russia and Trump is that there’s nothing illegal there (or Mueller, who has near omnipotent power, would have made some noise as soon as he had proof or even strong evidence).

Trump has said many times that he thinks the US is better off with a strong Russia. I’m not sure I agree 100%, but I understand Trump’s reasoning. Trump reasons that Russia is a former semi-Western super power that was once a strong ally in WWII (again I disagree with Trump about the ally biz) and that is more clear-eyed about the threat from Islamic terrorism than is the rest of Europe (I totally agree with that part).

Trump ran and won on this plank, so it’s kinda meh. Mueller obviously has nothing directly related to illegal collusion with Russia (although its very likely more charges of obstructing justice are forthcoming since Trump’s team was totally new to politics, not very curious, and as a result probably made a lot of early mistakes).

Bottom line is that the Russia investigation is pretty much a dud. As such it’s not much of a provocation tbh.


The ironic part is that Hillary and her team engaged in actual collusion with Russia when they paid for the phony dossier.


Yes, although her collusion (like Trump’s) was not illegal. The Clinton Foundation made it more palatable in Democrat circles, but it was obviously collusion.


The real crime is all the time and taxpayer money that has been wasted on this two-year charade.


Not to mention that there are millions of Democrats who still have faith that Trump will get impeached over it. There is a huge cohort of Americans who will have to work though some more butthurt before the US can move forward.


May take another Trump term. :sunglasses:


No. I wanted to post a funny political picture. Or do we only allow pictures coming from a rightwing viewpoint here? :face_with_monocle:

I found a more appropriate thread for it. :man_shrugging:


Ah, I thought I’d seen it before.

Of course not. But it helps if they’re funny. :grin:


Depends on your perspective. :smirk:


Not really, actually. I find myself laughing at good ones from the left.


Oh no, post away. I was just agreeing with @Dr_Milker that you’d posted it previously.

I just misunderstood your reason for doing so.


Okay. I will try better next time.



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