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Why would that offend vegans?




Stop your speciesism speech


True story. In the 2000s I was working in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk is an old port city that’s been the home of the US Navy since forever (there’s an old church that still has a British cannonball fired into a wall in 1776, and the city has a formal opera house that, while it does host opera and theatre events, is basically a place to train US Navy officers to mingle politely with civilian business and media types).

Anyway, a gentrified part of Norfolk holds an annual outdoor arts festival each spring, and I attended one year. At one point I ended up in a kind of food court where a bunch of young people were handing out - free of charge - tofu and other vegetable versions of hamburger, bacon, hotdogs, etc. A really nice lady talked me into trying every one of what they had. She had a slight British accent and she was politely but earnestly evangelizing the foods she was handing out. She was very interested in whatever anybody had to say about her tofu stuff. About a week later I learned she was Ingrid Newkirk, the head of P.E.T.A., which is headquartered in Norfolk (or was, not sure now).

I thought she was very nice for a person who’s mad as a hatter.


Yeah, I’ve been to Norfolk before. My grandma lives in Falls church with my aunt. I was in Uni in Harrisonburg.

The only time I’ve been in contact eith Peta was at University. They love tofu but…they don’t know how to prepare it at all. I love tofu but watching the peta people trying to serve awful tofu was nasty.



Tofu bacon and tofu hotdogs - yeah, don’t go there. Unbelievably bad. There was a non-tofu burger, though, that I actually liked. She was very nice that day, but she is nucking futz.

It seems like everybody in Virginia is a grad of either James Madison or Virginia Tech.



Cat calling is stupid. Cats never come when you call them.


They do if it’s dinner time.




I make it a rule never to suck women’s penises. You never know where those things have been.


The expressions on their faces are priceless.


“Read my lips. Wrap it up already.”