Funny Political Pictures




To make matters worse, it seems like PETA doesn’t actually know what “Take the bull by the horns” means. I don’t see how “Take the flower by the thorns” conveys the same meaning…


This triggers PETA:






I dont get this one. How is this political?


I know what you mean. I also have no idea how she can be considered a politician.


Oh. I didnt know she was a politician.

That’s as obscure as it gets. I dont even know who she is.


Americans, unfortunately, are very familiar with that face.


I don’t understand the world we live in today. I hate weak men.


Sexist, but true.






Based on her ideas, she should be a bartender (so her previous career was a good choice for everyone).
Unfortunately Occasional Cortex is the natural replacement for Bernie among the “but it wasn’t real socialism” crowd: young, woman, foreign background, claimed she grew up as a poor girl oppressed by the capitalistic patriarchy (even if her dad was an architect and they lived in a nice area of the city, but we don’t mention that), and she writes things that are so dumb that they make most of Trump’s tweets look like a literature masterpiece. Her platform has nothing to do with practical ideas, but all those who like the sound of “free everything, 6 million dollars / hour guaranteed federal job etc” from an ideological point of view will consider her and her friends to be the second coming of God because “mah equality”.
I mean, if in front of me I had a generation of people with a degree in gender studies whose job expectations are “lol”, promising free stuff would definitely be a good base for a political platform.

“Don’t worry, the reason why you’re unemployed has nothing to do with your life choices, you’re a good boy/girl, it’s the system that is rigged in favor of the rich. Vote for me so I can afford my 3rd house, kkty”.

Works every time.


Oh what times we live in.






Not very political. But is funny.