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Obama didn’t create ISIS. Didn’t invade Afghanistan. Didn’t start the military strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia (though definitely doesn’t see a problem with it; it’s a fair criticism just inaccurate). Also, Trump’s got his own record on Middle East bomb drops. He also loosened policies that lead to record civilian casualties.

Not saying some operations probably weren’t coordinated well, just saying if you’re going to try and own the libs at least be close to accurate.

I don’t think Trump bringing troops home has anybody outraged, they’re simply questioning motives, the plan (or complete lack there of), talking about what repercussions could come as a result (and more importantly: who benefits?). Some may think the details are important even if others don’t.

Interestingly, I think a large part of the narrative that has Trump and his followers somehow believing Obama created ISIS was him bringing troops home.


You obviously don’t watch much CNN. :wink:


Yeah, pretty much zero.


I think you’re taking the meme wayyyyyyy to seriously. Obviously Obama did not literally create ISIS, no one thinks that.


I can think of at least one fella, but that’s okay.


If I ever found one of those dangao stands/vans making that kind of cake, I’d buy a ton of them.


ok, but most of us can not demonize obama ridiculously. I for one liked him but am now more critical of things he did, but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. It’s probably the hardest job in the world and it’s easy to criticized after the fact when youre not in the room with the person saying you need to make a decision now Mr. President and all choices suck.