Funny Political Pictures




Otherwise known as Martin Luther Cream.




That document was clearly filled by an alt right nazi who was trying to spread misinformation.

Btw: did you read about his debacle on the case of the kid who was shot outside of Walmart few days ago?


GIFV photo cut off bug

I did, this is what happens when you look for incidents to exploit for your political agenda.

Same thing happens with a mass shooting, the media goes apoplectic. Which in all fairness, being outraged over senseless shootings and gun laws is a natural reaction to anyone who values life and understands the tragedy.

But when these same people, when the topic changes to 1000’s of people killed by illegal immigrants, also something very tragic but this time is something that doesn’t fit your narrative. So lets get out a nail file and pretend the subject bores you.

These people don’t care about victims, just how to push a narrative.


Yes. Talcum X is always on the cutting edge of racial justice. :sunglasses:


Wow, I didn’t realize that was an actual nail file. I thought she was just making the motion. I wonder if CNN provided the prop? Navarro is a real piece of work, that’s for sure.





It would be more accurate if instead of "shithole " he was saying “anything”…


Well, not anything. For instance, “I resign.”



I find these RBG memes rather mean spirited.

Yet this one, is OK in my book.


I don’t get the second one…what’s the context?




New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who gave this gem of a soundbite, and who, incredibly, after dissing the Old Dem guard, has vanished from the news cycle.