Funny Political Pictures








You know, I didn’t even know who this girl was until this thread.
You know what they say, any publicity is good publicity. :wink:


she should have her own thread.
the truest bimbo 三八 there is, without the blond hair


I think there’s a pretty thick line between getting notoriety due to outrageous opinions, and getting it because people consider your statements to be so laughable that they serve as an alternative to reading a comic strip.
I’m not sure how well it play for her in the long run to have thousands of people follow her just because she acts like the latest clown in town. If she was an actress then sure, go for it. But considering that she’s (allegedly?) planning to have a career in politics, having her figure eternally linked to:“Who? Oh that dumb chick” may not be ideal.


Do you notice how much of what they say about her they previously said about our orange incumbent?

They went shopping for a counter-Trump. Bernie had already crashed and Berned. Beto seems too beta. This chick is a throwback to the sixties, but with Twitter game. She knows her Alinsky.



You stole my post. That’s exactly what I was going to say.



I’ve heard that point many times, but I do believe she’s crossing the line with her constant attempts to draw attention.
Having an outrageous idea (the wall, lock her up and all that sort of stuff) is different than having a dumb one (basically anything she says about any topic related to politics, economy etc)


Well, the Democratic Party isn’t exactly a party of ideas, so she’ll probably be the best symbol of what they represent going into 2020.




AOC is like the girl-commie-next-door version of Sarah Palin.

Guaranteed to say something her party will prompt ignore but that will drive the other party batshit.


But perhaps most important of all, she has these wild facial expressions that make her uniquely suited to meme creation. :sunglasses:



Me neither. Some good stuff with her face on it though. As someone said back there she should have her own thread.