Funny Political Pictures


clearly photoshopped though, ginsburg almost looks alive.


And Thomas has his hands on his own knees.





I like the “in this classroom there are no walls.” Doesn’t a room kind of by definition have walls?


found the right winger !


I’m just baffled by idea of telling somebody what they’re not. I mean, what if one of the Latino kids actually is a drug dealer? He’s going to be, like, ah, I guess it’s OK if I sell drugs to the other kids cos I’m Latino, ergo I’m not a drug dealer.


Yeah. I guess I’m not properly woke unless there’s a ceiling falling on my head.


I think that teacher is actually talking directly to Trump. The students are just props.


Even worse: what if a latino kid wants to become a drug dealer? why destroying his dreams at a young age? this is oppressive af, it kinda triggers me.




Right. It’s totally discriminatory. Why are only black kids allowed to be drug dealers?




Yes, but they’re not in the room.


Sure they are. The walls in the living room were painted yellow. :sunglasses:


If you kill your enemies they win





That is so cruel … but it’s also a very funny political picture.


It is, but Ginsburg was kind of asking for it with her naked partisanship.