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Norway is not Socialist. Norway has not and never has been socialist. I don’t understand why people conflate Socialism with Social Democracy. They’re not one in the same. Even if many parties have the word “Socialism” or “Left” in their name, socialism is NOT part of the economic system. While Democratic Socialism rejects Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism, the aim of Democratic Socialism is to keep Western models of Democracy while still replacing the economic system to one that has a public ownership of the means of production. As mistaken by politicians, such as Bernie Sanders and AOC are, they are not advocating the replacement of capitalism with public ownership of the means of production. They are advocating Social Democracy which I prefer to call “Tweaked Capitalism” or “Fairer Capitalism”, “Regulated Capitalism”. The aim is to implement ideas from Neoliberalism, despite its name is not what Americans call a “Liberal”. Neoliberalism is what most people refer to when they advocate for complete or near-complete free market rules. Let the market decide. Social Democracy says hey, let’s try creating a “best of both worlds” and make sure everyone gets a fair chance/platform to compete. Social Democrats want to try to fuse aspects of both together.

Venezuela’s party attempted Democratic Socialism…until they got power hungry and now is a mess cause they ran out of money.

Norway, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Western Europe, do have stronger Social Democratic policies than the US, but even the US does practise Social Democracy in some form. Your mileage may vary. China, despite the ruling party’s name, practises State Capitalism and more resembles Mussolini’s Italy than it does actual Socialism. Remember, everything in China is “With Chinese Characteristics”.

The man with the funky moustache is right. Socialism doesn’t work. The man in the hat is wrong. Norway is not socialist. But now they’re arguing on two different wavelengths because Moustache is talking about places like Venezuela, Mao’s China, Soviet Union and North Korea, while Hatman calls Social Democrats, Socialists. Please update your lexicon Mr Hatman.


Kind of summed up politics. People argue for the sake of arguing their position when actually they don’t understand in depth and probably could get along on most points.









They live.


Black and white? No, shades of gray…







People Are Making Trump Photos With Extremely Long Ties To Annoy The President


Now those are funny :joy:


I call this one the Boris Johnson Hairdo™.