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Do all the men on this forum consider themselves lucky?


I feel lucky I don’t live in the USA or Europe.


Yes. All it takes is a midnight visit from a sausage chopper to ruin your life.


keep your xiao-san on the low



I wonder if double sausage chopping is grounds for divorce? Wasn’t there a woman who chopped the sausage and then fed it to the family dog? Now that’s messed up.


Aren’t you forgetting somewhere @finley



Wasting good 肉 is grounds for divorce.


Well, I’m sure Fido enjoyed it. Not exactly “man’s best friend” though.


Brings a new meaning to “give a dog a bone”


Yeah, I’m all for equality too. Except when I talk about the things that disadvantage us, it’s “ohh men are statistically likely to get into collisions and drive dangerously so they should get higher rates on car insurance.” Equality by convenience. I’d love to see her reply when I suggest to pay the same rates.




Speaking of sausage chopping…

He’s from my alma mater…grrrrr



It must be really hard for either of them to get dates now.


Italy doesn’t seem to buy into feminism. Although the expat Americans seem really into it and get pissed about how it’s not.


In Italy, feminism consists of being a momma’s boy. :grin:


The expat women had a big conversation about how the Italian man are all mamas boys and cheat and they can’t find a man that can stand a strong independent women in our Facebook group. The main women is not very attractive, has 2 kids, and in her late 30s. I told her maybe her standards can be a bit lower considering. Didn’t go well. And she also has a cat…

Got a nice condescending lecture about how I’m a chauvinistic asshole and will never find a woman. Yeah, I’m living the dream with a good woman and they’re all miserable. What has feminism done for them? A bullshit unfulfilled job, empty bed and a cat litter box. Nice.