Funny Political Pictures






Banned for trolling on this thread? That must be pretty hard to do. :hushed:





how about farts.
do those from Caucasians have more CO2?


Not sure, but apparently mine have more methane.


of course they do.

Wypipo = literally all ultra rich 1%ers = they pillage the resources of mother earth = they consume more food = more farts = more co2 = climate change



The little svastikas inside the star of david are just glorious. And shouldn’t it be “humanity’s” ? Before the omar chick i had never heard of the Bds, and boy was i missing a lot of current year talk.

I’m struggling to find a cohesive thought process, though.

Trump is bad because he’s literally a nazi. Israel is bad because they don’t want to get culturally enriched. Capitalism is bad because it’s oppressive. BUT…the jews who live in the US and tend to be far wealthier than every other ethnic group…they are ok and should be protected from people like Trump.

How does it work…I mean, even Koko was able to express herself in a more logical way.


The Raelians did it first:


I had no idea this was a thing. Reading the first few lines on the wiki page made me realize that I absolutely need to know more, it sounds amazingly entertaining. Thanks for bringing that up.


At least he didn’t spell Israel as “Isreal.”


Are you accusing @yyy of something?


No way. I’m calling Onion on that headline. :roll_eyes:

If not Onion then it’s a sad new low for the USA’s identarian propaga …er, news media, even for USA TODAY.


Does that help?


USA Today was always crap…now it’s just woke crap. :grin:


The only sections ever worth reading were Sports and Markets. The online edition is a crappy popup hell, so I avoid like the plague. I can only imagine the damage done by the Democrat identity army (gender regiment) on the Sports section by now.