Funny store names/signs


I went to Taipei today after being indoors for almost 2 weeks … anyways, on my over I saw some pretty funny names and signs on stores …

Delictous buffet …
Leather Spa …
Knigh hair make …

… Oh and a guy’s rain jacket labeled … BUM Equipment …


BUM equipment is an American brand. BUM stands for something. I forgot what.


My personal favorite:

“The Private Tsyr-An Nursing Home for Old Folks”


That’s what we want in cafes!


I saw a poster with pictures of “lost” elderly people. The website read, “”


Theres a shop called Turd baby in Danshui

Also Wanko makes me smile every time i see it. :slight_smile:


There’s a food stand with a Christian fish symbol on the sign, with ICHTUS written on it in Greek letters. Guess what they sell? You got it–fish!


Could someone please explain to me what “Abundant Intrinsic” means? It seems to be a chain of hair salons.


There was a lingerie store near FE21 in Hsimen called “Clitoria”.


One of the back alleys in Ximending has a clothes store called “Motherfucker”.


Near the corner of WenHsin and DaYa in Taichung there’s a bakery called “King’s Wang Bakeery” [sic].

There’s a hair place near one of my old apartments called “Overstuffed Coquette” (!).


The “Foreplay” bar on Ren Ai road. Closed now, perhaps because foreplay is over-rated.


Never have my camera when I need it.

There’s a beauty shop in Shulin called “Welly” (if you’ve ever been down and out) and theres a shop that appears to detail cars in Banchiao called “Penis”



There is a chain of coffee shops in and round Taipei County called “Kaffa” - which for all non-South Africans sounds uncomfortably similar to the word that would be the equivalent of the “N” word in Southern Africa. I guess someone was trying to get creative with the word “Cafe”. I just hope they never try to open a branch in sunny SA. :smiley:





I can’t see what so funny about that.



I can’t see what so funny about that.[/quote]

At it again,huh?

The ignorance is funny!


Penis Mortorcycle Shop in Tuchen


Clothing shop,Jhunan----Priceless!