Funny store names/signs


I always thought this one was funny (close to Academia Sinica):


Not to mention this one, halfway between ZhongXiao Fushing and Nanjing E Rd MRT stations:


Oh, and not so much the shop name (although in Ireland/Britain that IS funny), but their catchphrase:

(Nanjing E Rd, close to JianGuo)


I saw this place in Chiayi called

I just wish I’d had my camera with me.


I like the “BIG shoes for Ladies” store on Zhongshan N. Rd.;

and the “YOYO-Young and Open” girls clothing store near Gongguan.


Actually, the store is called “Sandy Ho” and it’s a part of the 5XXXL clothing stores for large women, but I am not sure that clarification makes the English sound any better. :smiley:


My friend in Taoyuan lives near the “Gothic Dental Clinic”!


There’s a law firm in Taiwan called Deep & Far. (I just saw a fax from them.)

And I thought that was the answer to “How far into the ocean should you throw a lawyer?”


A store in Yonghe called King Come Eyeglasses.


I’ve posted this before, but Taipei has

*Shaw’s Institute of Translateology
*Hunt God (is that a command, Prof. Nietzsche?)
*Crony Trading Company (Diogenes! We found one!)

…and a store near Da-An which appeals to passers-by with the catch-phrase, “Let us be your PRIME MATE !”


Not in Taiwan, but this is a real estate agents, I’ve seen it:


Some high-class folks down in Kaohsiung had to come up with a name for their new housing complex; What better name than:
The Superiority Complex


Oh yah, and one of the furniture stores had a big sign on it that said “Beds For Lust.” (A bad translation from German, I suspect.)


The National Lampoon used to have a section in the back of the magazine of funny signs. If you sent in a picture and they used it they would give you a t-shirt. Big deal huh? So I saw a building in Bellevue, Nebraska that was the gas company and the sign was ‘Peoples Natural Gas’. I took a picture but I never sent it in. But later I noticed somebody else sent one in and got a t-shirt.


Here’s a stupid funny dentists logo:

Seen across the street from Jingan MRT station.


A sign I think you can’t refuse:


There used to be an “Easecox” near my apartment.


How about ‘Wanko’ clothes stores.


Mentioned on page one

[quote=“StuartCa”]Theres a shop called Turd baby in Danshui

Also Wanko makes me smile every time i see it. :slight_smile:[/quote]


There’s a new housing development called “TiT”. It stands for “A Man ‘Town in Town’” or something like that.