Funny store names/signs


There’s a beauty shop in Shulin called “Welly”. If you’ve ever been down and out in Canada you would understand… Maybe other places have “welfare” as well, I don’t know.


finally took a pic of this place near my in-laws’ house in Taoyuan.

it’s a ‘music bar’, which only seems to open between 10pm and 4am.


I took a long walk around Banqiao last night and I saw a bar called TV Pub. And a guy came out and said hello to me. But I wasn’t sure if the place was ‘television’ themed or not, so I didn’t go in.

And by the Global Mall there is an in vitro fertilization clinic, that has a sign in English that says ‘Art Baby’. The name of the shop is in English and it is misspelled. It’s in all caps and it’s something like INVITRO FERTLIZ ATION.

I didn’t take pictures, but I should have.


Hmmm. . . :ponder: