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Kiwis can fly! (the bird, not the people) … ed&search=
god no. no never, no

Some friends of mine and I made this clip for a friend’s wedding. He’s into geeky stuff, as, it goes without saying, are we. It’s kind of funny.

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god no. no never, no[/quote]
Ach, you’re just pissed you never got the callback to be in it.

god no. no never, no[/quote]

My vocabulary isn’t even big enough to even begin to comment on this one. :roflmao:

Call Your Husband before you by anything over $5 US

Very well made and an ace idea. Bravo! I edit video myself, and that wasn’t easy at all. Well done.

Japanese toilets exposed after 10 seconds.

a friend of mine made this one and has achieved a bit of “Fame” from doing so.

Very well made and an ace idea. Bravo! I edit video myself, and that wasn’t easy at all. Well done.[/quote]

Thanks, but it really was just an easy, one-afternoon shoot and quick editing job. Just set up the camera, hit record and did our thing, cut, add some effects and music, and done. Unlike our current project, a feature we have been working on for two years now.

I like Paradigm X. It looks and sounds really good.

Thanks. We should finally be finishing filming by Christmas, just one major scene to go, plus a few pickups. But this is kind of off-topic and might be better in this thread.

I just put this clip on my trip to China up on Google video as it’s more than 10 minutes and Youtube won’t take anything over ten minutes. It’s not particularly funny, but I like it. Again, off topic, so apologies.

That skeleton man is fantastic !

Not technically on Youtube, but whatever. If you’ve seen a used car dealership ad in the past 20 years, you’ll probably think this pretty darned funny. I’ve watched it approximately 20 times and I’m still laughing. Language NSFW.

F#@# you Baltimore, indeed, for making me get up at 5:30 this morning to watch you lay a turd against Peyton Manning.

Talkin’ 'bout my g g g g generation. . .

Women, know your limits!

Look at how hard these Aussies girls punch each other!

Ah, Aussies. Work hard, play hard.

This is the funniest drunk guy ever

Poor fat kid

Dance Dance Revolution

And no one gets hurt

These are some of my favorites.

This contestant sings her favourite song, Ken Lee

Reminds me a bit of my neighbours, actually…

I liked it too. Very nice. :notworthy: