Furniture arranging software

I can’t find one. Has anyone ever seen a program that will help you arrange furniture and create a room layout.

The minimum I want is a 2D floorplan that you cna set the dimensions for, and furniture that you can choose the basic shapes of and resize. Has to be able to rotate to any angle.

What would be great is one that lets you choose a range of different furniture, recolor and resize it, place objects on top of each other and show you a multi-angle 3D result.

Such a program doesn’t sound too difficult, so there must be one out there. I’ve tried to find it, but just no luck.


I have purchased several furniture layout software a few years ago and found the functions limited or oversimplified and very large because of 3D functions. I prefer to use MS Visio. Let me know if you still want specialized software after you try Visio.

I am actually a bit embarrased to post this acknowledging that I know there’s such software… I don’t know why I know… must be all the software catalogs I have to go through every month!

SmartDraw makes a software called, well, SmarDraw.

It does floor plans and such. The package ranges from $60 to $200 depending on your need. They also have an evaluation version for download.

But ali’s right, Visio works too. It has a stencil just for floor plans.


So what is Visio?



Try … tg=dl-2001

ROOM ARRANGER looks good.

Visio has many uses actually. It’s a software for diagrams (can you imagine that?) I have had to use it professionally for diagramming software development requirements and documentations. It’s a good concept devleopment tool to get the ideas out of your head and on to paper/diagram visually and see how ideas/elements that’s been in your head relate to each other. Systems administrators of larger companies can also use it to plan hardware deployment since they also provide stencils for that (Dell actually has its own set of stencils for just Visio, with all the little Dell server/desktop icons and all).