Furniture Maker

I’m looking for a furniture maker in Chungli. I need some cabinets/drawers made and the furniture stores don’t have what I need.

What kind of furniture do you need? I have a friend who wanted to to partner with me to make furnitures using my shop space…

I’m looking for someone to make me a wood flat file cabinet to store prints. I only need one or two though. If they come out well we may be able to send some to the states.

What is your budget?

No more than 15,000 for a really nice one.

How nice? Solid rosewood or just pine/plywood? At that price range you’re only going to get IKEA quality. Do you have any preference for the type of wood/finish?

Solid rosewood/teak furnitures go for 30,000 for a small piece and more than 100,000 for a larger piece… at least according to what I’ve seen furniture stores sell. If you want it custom built then it’s going to be more.

How big do you want it? Please give a dimension.

I would like it to be 48"wide* 40" high* 33"deep, I’m not looking for that fancy rosewood that people make their couches from. I was thinking plywood, birch, oak, maple. Something not too expensive, but that will be sturdy and last a while. Ikea quality is not going to work though. I know I can get this done, I just need to find the right carpenter/ woodworker.

Plywood is doable, birch/maple/oak isn’t because I don’t even know where to get them. Do you have a drawing of what you want built?

Yeah, I have a bunch of pictures of different styles that would all work. Is there a way I can email you and send attachments?

please see my website: