Furniture Piece: Sideboard/Buffet with Hutch

Long shot, but worth a try here:

Guys, if you see a sideboard and hutch on display anywhere in your daily adventures, can you please post it here if you remember to?

It is the one piece I have not yet seen in my furniture hunt, and I was able to order all the furniture I need in one day! :bravo: Anyway, I’ve seen just the buffet, but without the hutch, and the ones that came with the hutch had no glass doors. I’m looking for something just like this. Closed doors on the bottom, open table top with drawers underneath, and glass cabinets up top. Removable hutch. Heavy wood, not MDF, not particle board. Stain doesn’t matter.

I’d like to buy one from a store, rather than have one made like my other pieces, if possible.

PIIN had one in their catalogue, unfortunately all the stores were sold out of the hutch part. :frowning:

Anyway, if you see one, do let me know! Thanks so much!

Interested in any of these? Lots of styles:

At first, I thought you wanted “found” furniture.

[quote=“shawn_c”]Interested in any of these? Lots of styles:

At first, I thought you wanted “found” furniture.[/quote]
Thanks for digging up the links, shawn_c! I ended up buying two separate pieces - buffet and china cabinet because I liked the style so much.

So, now you have a buffet without a hutch, and then a separate China cabinet? Let us see photos of your new furniture, if you don’t mind sharing!

Our dining, sitting, living area is one big wide open space, and the ceiling is quite low, so a sideboard with attached hutch would be almost ceiling height which would look really strange. (I realized over the last week our apt here would not be suitable for such a tall piece, sadly). Now the two pieces will be shorter and less dominating. As the sideboard is a bit lower than I like, I might add ten centimeters on the bottom with some wood boards.

Ahh… not bad, not bad.

Yeah, stuff here is sooo low, eh?