Furniture rental

Are there any businesses in Taiwan that rents out furniture and other household stuff? Thanks!


Been here a while… never saw this… maybe you could look at second hand furniture stores…

I have lived in Taiwan for the past 7 years, and I have never seen anything for rent other than scooters, cars, photocopy machines, apartments, and houses. In fact, you can’t even rent a truck in Taiwan, which is really a nuisance.

There are some shops that sell second-hand electrical appliances, but usually they only have TV’s, refrigerators, air conditioners, and a few stereos, VCR’s, and DVD players.

I have never seen any used furniture (sofas, beds, dressers, tables, chairs, etc.) for sale at any store in Taiwan, although I have seen a few advertisements on university campuses of students selling their used furniture. In fact, now it’s a good time to find used furniture at universities because the school year will be over just one month from now, so they’ll be a lot of students trying to sell their furniture.

But as for renting furniture, that’s impossible.

You need to get out of Chiayi more Mark. There’s plenty of stores in Taipei selling 2nd-hand furniture, and you can rent trucks, buses etc without much difficulty.

But no, I’ve never heard of furniture rental.


I remember seeing a regular ad in the English newspapers from a company offering furniture rental, check the TT or CP. Where can I rent a truck in Taipei (without driver)?

Yeah, my friend rented a tv from them, it was a pretty good deal. he wound up buying it.

Thanks for the correction, Brian. I haven’t always been in Jiayi, though. I first lived in Tainan, then Taidong, then a year in Hualian, then two years in Pingdong, then Jiayi County since 1999, and for the last eight months, I’ve been spending half of each week in Miaoli County.

I’ve never seen a used furniture shop in any of these places. But I’ve never lived in a big city like Taipei or Gaoxiong, and it’s true that certain things only exist in Taipei and Gaoxiong and don’t exist anywhere else.

Truck rentals are a common business in Taiwan. Ask several locals if they have heard of anything like this and maybe they can point you in the right direction. I rented one here in ShiJr about 2 o 3 years ago so that I could move myself.

App. what does it cost to rent a blue truck for 1 day? I have a few tonnes of dirt to move.

I remember it was something like NT$350/hour for a small one with discounts for half a day and a full day. You can figure out what a larger one would cost. Mr. He, the problem is where are you going to haul it to. If you don’t have a permit to go to the dump they won’t let you in. The truck is the easy part.

I’m gonna haul it from my wife’s uncles tea farm to my back garden.

Good clean dirt, just something to grow a nice paddy on.

Wow, you have a back garden. I would love a little plot of land. Do you live in crowded Northern Taiwan? Where is Forest Hill?

Forest hill is in Yangmei (between Chungli and Hsinchu), but 5 minutes from the freeway. 30 ping houses with a little bit of land can be had for NT$12k. We have around 45 pings for NT$15k. Big garden houses (78 ping house, 100 ping garden)are 40k up.