Further teaching education schools in the Kaohsiung Area

Morning guys, I am going into my seventh month in Taiwan where my teaching schedule has solidified with two days off every week so that I am looking into doing some further “relevant” teaching education. I spent last year teaching in Korea and already have a Bachelors in Business and a Masters degree prior to moving into the teaching field. I really like what I do and its the most rewarding occupation I have ever done. I have picked up a lot of the skills that comprise part of a teachers repertoire but I really want to learn the theory behind the practical experience that I have. I have looked at some of the Kaohsiung universities and a fair number of the faculty have an MA in TESOL [Language Departments], is that the way to go? I also heard that some schools in Taiwan offer this qualification, anyone have information about that?

You will want to make sure that the degree will be recognized in the countries that you plan on teaching in the future. I don’t know any details regarding this but I seem to recall it being a discussion point in the past. and it would really suck to spend all of that time and money and only be able to use it in Taiwan (unless you’re a Taiwan lifer).

Hey Abacus, I am most likely going to be a lifer given that I am marrying a local January 2011. I got a reply back from NKNU in Kaohsiung stating that all their further education courses/degrees are only in Chinese. Any other ideas?