Fusebox what does what?

I want to change some lights in the apartment so could do with turning off the power, seems like no all power off switch.
I’m guessing much the same as at home each fuse switch does a different function ie: lights, sockets etc.
Before I start no rush!! any one dealt with this type and fill me in?

Not labeled? :banana: whoever installed this. :no_no:

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The one at left would certainly appear to be the master switch. You can see how it’s wired, and they’re rated at 50a


Since the bozo who installed it didn’t bother to put some labels on them, it’s trial-and-error. Switch 'em off one by one and see which circuits switch off.

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It’s weird.

I agree that the first switch is the Master, connected to the mains input.

The two singles next to the master are probably lights. Next one with the white and black output cables appears to be the AC, but could also be an oven circuit if you have one.

last two most likely power outlets, with Double pole switches to two runs of outlets per lever.

suck it and see? turn your lights on, then flip one of the mystery switches and see which lights turn off, or any…

then put a label sticker on!


pretty much trial and error. Nobody labels it.

The one on the left should be master switch.

A Taiwanese electrician I didn’t expect to see it labeled as I;ve looked at others in other apartments and not been.
Tradesmen here do as little as possible for what I can make out.

Yay I was thinking the same.

Trial and error is what I shall do, I;m thinking master switch now confirmed :smile:
Thanks all for help.

yea and honestly 50a is not even enough to run a house… but that’s because in the US they have electric dryer, electric range, etc. so they need at least 300a to run a house.

But that’s what you get in Taiwan. You can ask to upgrade tho.

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In the US we like to burn through resources as if the Second Coming depended on it. Then we whine like hungry puppy dogs if anyone suggests it might not be a great idea.


Girlfriend’s shop just been upgraded to 220v because difficult to buy air con unit on 110v now. All kitchen electrical items I’ve bought since being here are 3 pin plugs, so Landlord may need to upgrade the apartment at some point?