Fussy/finicky eater or sick?

Bobby the young Maltese has always been a fussy eater. He’s been on the raw diet for several months now. However, lately he doesn’t want any food for breakfast, and will only have dinner, and recently won’t even finish that. No diarrea, but he’s always had softer stools than Toto. If he eats bones, though, they become too hard.

I leave him some dried food, which he may or may not eat. But today when I was cleaning, he went for the forgotten, fuzzy, dirty pellets that have been lying around heaven knows for how long. Vet says some times doggies have these weird behaviours and it just a quirk.

Bobby seems perfectly healthy, according to the nearby vet. He’s big now, bigger than Toto -who, BTW, has been losing weight, but the vet says it’s normal, that he was too fat, and as long as he has a healthy appetite, it’s OK. Bobby is a bit on the heavy side, without being chubby, but he’s already changed collars 3 times.

He’s already suffering from the heat, but he’s not dehidrated. He’s been shaved and has a fan in the evenings. Dunno if he’s off his appetite because of the weather.

Vet says not to worry, he’s just a fussy/finicky eater. If so, I’d like to find something he would like to eat. Any suggestions? I’m beginning to suspect his previous owners gave him people food because I’ve tried everything but that.

Has anyone else had this kind of trouble?

How old is he? If he was a puppy but could now be considered a young adult, maybe he doesn’t need as much food. It could also be the weather. If he is not thin, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Well, he still has no meat for breakfast and really does not like RAW food anytime. He’s only into pellets and occassional canned food, which does not make me happy. I am supplementing with bones and some dried deer lung tisue which was recommended for Toto for his heart condition. Bobby’s appetite improved when he was shaved, so I think it really had to do more with the weather.

What is pretty effective is that they eat from each other’s plates. sigh

Is this a human or an animal?


I guess its an animal.

if you leave dry food out during summer it can taste differently. 3 of my dogs refused to eat even raw food for a bit in Summer, and I had to change it to a different cut of meat. I guess this heat just makes everyone a bit fed-up.