Future Express Sightseeing Train

Might be nice to sit facing the windows and watch world go past.

  • Remodeled old trains.
  • Soft opening to watch sunrise in Taitung 31.12.2020.
  • 5-day round island trips for $10,000 per night starting 24.01.2021
  • Michelin star dinning trips for $20,000 per night start 04.2021
  • Lion Travel currently has exclusive rights.

$10000 per night! They insane? They should accept my DingQiPiao.

Another Tango42 topic saved!

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I had my first Michelin meal last night. The zhuabin in Gongguan night market. Didn’t think much of the restaurant, not even any seats…

If they decked it out like the Orient Express, fine. But if it’s just yer standard old Tai Tie train with 30-year-old bian dang stains on the seats, $10,000 is a little steep.

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Plus it’s crazy they just authorised one agent. Well to me it is.

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Clearly, a certain amount of money changed hands …

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They are loving this captive tourism market.


Could he nice
I just had a better idea though
How about a 'trans-taiwan gondola that goes north south along the spine of the island and you can pay more for luxury gondolas with super comfy cabins to watch the world go by. And mini express gondola-like things running parallel that can transport your meals to you and dispose of your waste

were you intending to post that in the drunken musing of the day thread?


We did a similar, but less luxurious, trip last year to report on it.

Sounds way overpriced to me, of course depends on the hotels and the food, but there is not much you can do to make it luxurious, really. If the train arrives in Taitung for the sunrise, doesn’t that mean you will ride through the night…?

Kind of like the colors they chose for the train, though. That’s so not typical Taiwan.

I didn’t see any sleeper cabins, just looked like some old aeroplane seats they’ve chucked in there.

I suspect that it would arrive the night before, and the customers chucked into some hotel for the night … with an early rise in the morning to see the sunrise …either ftom Taitung, or from the train further south where it runs beside the ocean.


We stayed in Zhiben for the hot springs and had a stop at the Taimali Beach, guess that would be along the same lines, then.

Yes, that area south of Taitung before it goes inland, Taimali is in that area - as is that new part of the line they built on a viaduct above the highway that was opened recently…

There was a local train that left Taitung early at sunrise which is a cheap option. (On select days there is overnight train for NT$600 from Hsinchu via Taipei)