Future in Taiwan

Hello I just have a question maybe it’s a bit naive but I have to think about the future and if it should be in Taiwan.

Background: I have worked in Taiwan as an English teacher for a year and learned a bit about the language.
I am about to come back to Taiwan to start the Huayu scholarship.
I have the TOCFL level 2 not too high but it’s a start!
I have a Taiwanese girlfriend we have been dating for about a year and a half.
I have a degree in business and management but my work experience is more about working in public services and internet optimisation.

After I finish this year of Chinese I hope to have an acceptable level to work in Business. Work a few years to get experience solidify my Chinese and come back to the UK.

Will this be possible? From what I read I think it looks like the ARC will be an issue. I could teach English I have the CELTA and other requirements but I want experience in English and to practice Chinese in my last job I wasn’t allowed to speak Chinese so my study lagged a bit behind.

Thanks for your help.