Future MRT Lines (construction to start soon)

I have a scan from some flyers provided by TRCT ( trtc.com.tw/englishnew/index.htm ), if anyone can offer some webspace I can link them to here - in case there is an interest in that … !?

If you have time on your hands, why not phone the TRTC and suggest that they publish the maps on their web site? The were probably done with Microsoft Word, and can be saved as html in a jiffy.

I am curious because one of the new lines is being built very near where I live (along the length of Minquan West Road and presumably over the river to Sanchong, intersecting with the Danshui line at Minquan station.)

You can also drop me your email and I will send it to you. State if you want Chinese or English version …

Note however that there are two files of 1MByte each.

Here the maps:

:arrow_right: sugartax.com/mrt/MRT2.jpg (English)

:arrow_right: sugartax.com/mrt/MRT3.jpg (Chinese)

:arrow_right: sugartax.com/mrt/MRT1.jpg (Details)

Storage space courtesy of Flipper.