Futureteller tells my wife she dies

Fuck that. Who in their right mind would marry someone that listens to fortune-tellers? I had a discussion about this with my wife, who is Taiwanese, before we were married.

Me: What do you think of fortune telling (or religion, and the super-natural in general)?

My Wife: Fucking bullshit.

I love my wife.

Edit: Strange that “Fucking” is censored, but “fuck” isnt.

^^ Bingo. I picked my wife from a family of lapsed christians, thus neatly side-stepping all the bullshit about soothsayers, temples, paper money, ghost month and all other forms of superstitious stupidity. No-one in the family going over 100 years back has been infected with this nonsense, so I feel pretty safe from it. She’s afraid of the dark like everyone else here, but we’re working on that. :wink:

<-- once stopped his neighbors burning paper money in his doorway with a fire extinguisher :smiley:

According to Chinese superstition, the 9-ages (e.g. 29, 39, 49 etc.) are considered the years in which one is most at risk for death by accident. It has something to do with the incompleteness of the age that apparently attracts supernatural forces to gang up on you and cut your life short before you reach a complete (round-numbered) and therefore safer age.

That’s probably the reason that 2 independent fortunetellers gave her the same prediction. So they were using the same fortune-telling method. Such “coincidences” occur elsewhere in the world among idependent readings, causing a lot of unecessary grief.

Oh, and I’ve heard the one about suddenly becoming wealthy at 40. We’ll see…that age is coming up much too soon for my liking!

It has been predicted that I would be in mortal danger when I was 29. (Some time back, and I don’t recall anything dangerous happening).

Now (IE 2 years ago) I have been told that I have to take care of not getting in a traffic accident when I am 39. (Ideally I should take care of that every day, I presume.)

My oldest daughter is fine. When it comes to the damage a fortune teller can actually do, then there’s a few good points to be had there. The fortune teller told my ex that my oldest daughter would have an unhealthy obsession with sex. She got what later turned out to be intestisinal worms, and started scratch her backside at times. She was then pulled from shring a to shrink b to shrink c.

Thank God she went back home for vacation. my mom saw her scratching her backside, called my dad (who’s a doc) and told him to bring a worm cure with him home, which they then administered to her. She stopped scratching herself 2 days later…

Uuuuhhh…so I have to be scared for the next 4 month? :noway: Maybe I shouldn’t ride my bike on Keelung Rd. anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“hsiadogah”]She’s afraid of the dark like everyone else here, but we’re working on that. :wink:

My wife is also afraid of the dark…I thought it was just her. Wonder why that is?

Listen, all you 5000-year-you-dont understand our culture freaks…

WE did it all, 1000 years ago. But we stopped. Futuretellers, magic, ghosts, various gods, a witch in every toilet. Yes, some works. Looked in some old European books for fun :slight_smile:

Nice to do it in a cave in the Harz mountains (and then see Bob the wannabe-druid run for cover out of the cave), BUT the difference is if you scare people with easy number-nonsense like this 39 stuff.

I`ve got more magic in my fingers than you Taiwanese beef-noodle wizards.

Bob the Druid
[done it all and better]

[quote=“bob_honest”]Listen, all you 5000-year-you-dont understand our culture freaks…

WE did it all, 1000 years ago. But we stopped. Futuretellers, magic, ghosts, various gods, a witch in every toilet. Yes, some works. Looked in some old European books for fun :-)[/quote]

Uh, sorry to maybe dissapoint bob_honest, but nothings “stopped” lately.

Every newspaper carries a ‘horror-scope,’ ask 10 friends what their ‘sign’ is - they’ll know, and the lotteries thrive off the ‘buy your lucky number’ scams. ‘Stopped’? Not hardly. Gets worse everyday. East or West hoo-hah sells best. Didn’t Hong Kong dissapear during CNY? Maybe next time. Where’s the skeptical scientist when you need 'em?


Thats why I don’t go to fourtune teller. Because it will makes me uncomfortable, think and do things differently. I mean some are def. truth but some are not. Usually they wanted you to spend $$ to CHANGE or IMPROVE your luck, which is another way for them to make $$.

If more than one F. teller said the same thing about your wife, maybe go to a temple and talk to one of those monk in there. They might be able to help you out.

A friend is married to a man who comes from a catholic family. The groom’s family changed my friend’s name (on the wedding invitation) so she would’t be too “dominant” (the number of the total strokes of her name doesn’t mean so good) in their relationship. The family also asked a fotune teller to choose a “lucky” date and time for the couple to get married.

One would think that catholics wouldn’t be “suspecious.”

Ummm hate to break this to you, but all of them are fake.

Ummm hate to break this to you, but all of them are fake.[/quote]

And what do you base this on besides your own psychic “feelings?”

It is always so easy to dismiss something to you already don’t believe in.

I try to keep my options open. When my wife was 7 months pregnant, she and I went to Sun Moon Lake for the pregnant woman’s stroll. At the big temple, a woman, a complete stranger, walked up to my wife and said, “You’re a Leo, right?” And my wife, very surprised, said, “Yes, I am.” The woman then said, “You’re going to have a very difficult childbirth.” Two months later, after the 921 earthquake and 13 hours of labor, my wife had an exhuasting and highly stressful childbirth. Our son was born silent and motionless, drowned in amneotic fluid. He spent 11 days in ICU.

Do I make a connection? Did this women CAUSE this situation? I don’t think so. Did she subconsciously influence my wife? Maybe. But influence my infant unborn son to choke on amneotic fluid? No way. Is it possible she did know/see something? Sure, Why not?

A little respect for the host culture please. You don’t have to agree and you also don’t have to put it down. Times like these, when you want to say something so concretely negative, it’s a good time to take a long swally of your beer. :slight_smile:


Ummm hate to break this to you, but all of them are fake.[/quote]

are you speaking from your personal experiences?? If so, thats fine. But I am speaking from my personal experience so don’t be so judgemental.


Did she get a second opinion?

For a trained people its not hard to guess what sign you are, they do have a 1 in 12 chance and alot of people display traits of their sign. But how often do you think that woman would be wrong?
So let’s see a stranger told your wife she will have a difficult birth, geez whats the odds of that? Thats all she said its so general that you could relate that to anything, no details were given and you call that psychic? I could do the same thing. If your wife ever has another child it will be a girl, I have a 50% chance of getting it right, if I do am I psychic? Ever read a fortune cookie?

It has nothing to do with host culture, these nutjobs are everywhere in the world.

Sure am, let’s see the other day I was reading a newspaper and it told me my lucky lotto numbers and I played them, guess what? I didn’t win. I’m betting that those numbers will never be picked anywhere in the entire world for the rest of my life. I am also speaking from logical realistic thinking. Look at all the so called psychics in the world, how many are rich and famous? How many have any proof. Do some research about the psychic detectives, of the hundreds of times they have helped the police, guess how many times they found the killer or the body. Zero. People are so willing to believe in anything, that if someone says I have this power to heal your cancer with the power of my mind, people will flock to that person to be cured, and it never works. No one can see into the future. Believe it.


I entirely agree. Absolute load of arse. Now for all those people who say ‘but I know someone and they went to see a fortune teller and they were told basically the right thing’, ask yourself this. How exact was the prediction? How many people did it take before one of these predictions came true? If they tell enough people enough things, one of them is likely to come ture eventually. As for the ones in Hong Kong, if you want proof that they are all quacks, how about this. I positively despise fortune tellers. I can think of no redeeming qualities. I would never ever ever go to a fortune teller. Yet all these fuckwits in hong kong couldn’t forsee that very simple fact. They all still tried to beckon me over to steel my money. Load of arse.

And yet, for some reason, I should believe YOU? I can zero in on the odds of that. Lots of people smarter than both of us have exhausted psychic phenomenon research and debate and still reached an “I don’t know” conclusion.

What makes you so sure that that what we call the future is not just some other partially developed temporal experience, huh? What about deja vu? hmm. I’ve had dreams, written them down, forgotten them and then had deja vus that exactly replayed the dream I had written. I don’t think that my own subconscious could control so many variables, six months into the future.

Do I believe, maybe. Do I deny, no. Again, I keep my options open.

The next thing you’re going to be telling me that wrestling is fake. lol

To make yourself look a bit less like a tool Frost, why not say, “IMHO No one can see the future.” Honestly, who do you think you are? The voice of reason and authority? Take a step back.

No, she did not, and neither one of worried about it. It was just one of those things. Ihave also had complete strangers read my palm and tell me things that I hadn’t told anyone. Of course, I denied them.

As for going to the FT to get a child’s name chosen, we did that. But I think that’s more a cultural tradition than any blessing of future luck. Actually my son’s Chinese name ended of sounding pretty good. :slight_smile:

respect yes, blind obeisance, no.

when I see something that is clearly wrong, like causing people unneccessary stress at a difficult time in their life, i feel the better part of respect is to speak up about it.

by the way i just did the same for one aspect of my wife’s christian beliefs so you cannot accuse me of favoritism :slight_smile:

Wasn’t it the gang from Monty Python that said: “What do we do with witches? Burn witches!” Same goes for fortune tellers in my book. If they comfort some people, so be it. But when they start influencing one impressionable member of my family and, by consequence, make life difficult for the rest of us, I say build a pyre and strike a match.
:fume: fortune tellers :fume: