FutureWard Forum, perspectives on foreigner employment Taiwan 13 Dec

Anyone familiar with this organization or people or have any other insight?


C’mon, you honestly would listen to a Marketing Manager who put a professional job-related picture of himself holding a cat?
Cats are ok as pets, but that guy has a screw loose somewhere.


LOL, did not look. Maybe the only picture he has in a suit.

I’d be worried he involves his cat in all finance-related decisions.

“Oh, I’m sorry… you mean I can’t use the whole advertising and R&D budgets on cat food, cat motel when traveling, and cat grooming?”

Sold out, or good marketing technique, maybe only have 6 seats. Might tune in on youtube to see what the cat-guy has to say. No way to know, but this might be his webpage intowow.com. And this might be the other guys Taipei Placements - Pagoda Projects - Beyond Work Experience