Fuyuan Forest Reserve

What a great site!! I am going to be in Taiwan the end of October for 11 days. I found an article on the Fuyuan Forest Reserve, but it just talked about the birds. Does anyone know where it is and if there is a place to stay near by? We will be using public trasportation.

Fuyuan is located in Hualian County. I don’t think there is any public transportation to the park, so renting a scooter in Hualian City might be wise. Here’s a link to their website.

Here is my favorite line from the Fuyuan website:

According to the exploration, the east section of the ancient passageway was preserved better, and the Ching station camp (清屯營址) was found around this area, which best arouses the tourists

If my pensive mood doesn’t become aroused while cherishing the past during the transition of time, I might as well just stay at home. What other reason could there be for going out?

[quote=“some tourism expert”]Outlook pavilion

It is the highest point of the Round-the-mountain walking trail. Looking down the mountain, you may see the thick forest, fully equipped tourist center, and the parking lot.

Come to Fuyuan, climb a mountain and look at a carpark. I’m so THERE!