FYI - Taoyuan Metro plans

Hopefully this will reduce the amount of vehicles on the road here, cause it’s getting real bad.

I’m really excited about it. From what I’ve seen, no major population center in the country has traffic as bad as Taoyuan, where the roads are tiny and the cars numerous. I’m stoked because Nankan is getting two separate lines… although I probably won’t be living here when they get around to finishing it. Here’s a visual representation of all the planned lines.

The budget simply does not exist. They link the airport metro with Zhongli train station to create a way for TRA passengers to go to the airport. The TRA line gets elevated and there it ends for the next 30 years.

Hmm I think the red line looks likely since it’s basically already built as a TRA track and they’re currently working on MRT-izing it. The budget will probably come for the rest when Taoyuan County becomes the 6th municipality late next year.

OK, the red line is the MRT-izing of the TRA track, so that one is coming, however when they say coming they probably mean a a dianche every 10 minutes between Yangmei and Taipei, with a couple of extra stops thrown in, IE more like a commuter train service.

The budget for the rest?

Let’s see… Tainan Metro - on hold. Taizhong got 1 perhaps 2 lines out of how many 4-6? Gaoxiong - apart from the loss-making one they have, are they getting more? Even the Zhonghe-Wanda-Shulin line which they should start build shortly in Taipei is getting on the back burner due to budget constraints, IE once they finish up stage 1 of the circular line in 3 years time or so, it’s likely that the MRT building will hit an extended drought, IE nothing major will be build or finished for a long time.

Well the Taoyuan MRT website does estimate most of the lines won’t be completed until the 2020’s… So yeah, it will be a while, but anyone in Taiwan for the long-run has something to look forward to.

If you want somethinb built here in Taoyuan for 2020, then you better start soon.

I see that the green line has been approved - or parts of it, that is. Let’s hope they find the budget.

But again, here in Taoyuan county, the population is more spread out than say in Taipei, so a heavy-duty mass transit system might make less sense. It’s one big sprawl down here after all.

If only Taoyuan could get it right and invest in the necessary real estate to make park-and-ride a reality. Otherwise the people who drive are just going to keep driving and you end up with a multibillion dollar mass transit system that’s used exclusively by students and tourists.

Well public transport will attract development around it, especially as people age and fuel costs increase.
Mr He has it right, they are struggling to pay for approved lines let alone unapproved lines.
Kaoshiung has got two light rail lines approved recently (much cheaper than MRT lines) but no new subway MRT lines yet.

And yes the kaoshiung lines lose money but all systems lose money initially until they build up critical mass and size. The purchase of land and construction costs are also massive and if you include them at the outset what system ‘makes money’?
The Taipei based govt regularly uses these kinds of excuses for refusing to invest in the rest of the country. Yet they found the money to approve a new line into tamshui new town which barely exists yet!

Taoyuan MRT construction suffers fatality
A worker was struck by a falling steel plate and died two days later in ICU

Just saw on TVBS news on YouTube