FZR150 - cheap ways to make it quicker?

Hey, can anyone suggest a few cheap ways to give a FZR150 a bit more grunt? I know that you can get it bored out to 180cc for about 25 000, but i don’t want to spend this much really. Just would like it to accelerate a bit quicker - has anyone undercut their gears? This would help it accelerate quicker, but would cut down the top end (which I’m not really that concerned about)…right? Please don’t shoot me down if I’m wrong, my mechanical knowledge is kinda lacking beyond the basics. Have any of you done this? How much would it cost? Do have any other suggestions as to how I could make it a bit quicker on a budget? thanks

Fit a front sprocket with one tooth fewer. FZ/FZR/RZX/RZR front sprockets are all interchangeable btw. I haven’t tried it, but would put money on the SR150 item being a straight swap also.
Make sure you get the same pitch. The factory chain for all these bikes is a 420, but many aftermarket kits are 520. The parts don’t mix.
If you swap a smaller cog, you’ll probably have to also shorten the chain a link to compensate.

thanks for the suggestion mate. Anyone else have any further go-faster-for -cheap ideas?

There’s lots of things you can do.

From experience 10% of nothing doesn’t give you anything, but damnit it’s all about being a dude.

As far as sprockets are concerned there is the math.

Find out how many teeth both sprockets have, say 40 on rear and 17 on front, (40/17). Now guess what you want. Add a couple of teeth to give it a taller gear, say (42/17).

Now work out the percentage change by subtracting the new from old and dividing that sum by the old ratio. (40/17-42/17)/(40/17). The number should be 0.05.

At 5000RPM in top gear, at 60KM/PH, the change would be 1.05 x 60=63.
(This is courtesy of Motorcyclist Mag, don’t blame me for mistakes in the transcribing.)

This should help estimate what the change should be. Give or take.
Most probably anything more than a couple of teeth will require a chain tension, or chain itself.
You could think about exhausts and air filters. I haven’t driven an FZR, but from experience, it seems I could wash my bike and it feels just as fast.

I know there’s bits you can buy to give a bigger spark, as well, maybe you could look into changing the timing a little (enhancing I think). I’m not really familar with the Yamaha engine, but it could get your hands nice and greasy.

Here’s some ideas anyhow.

Hope this helps, let me know how you go.

Getting the engine bigger shouldn’t cost more than about 12,000. But I had a friend who made his engine bigger and while he got more acceleration he actually lost some top speed, maybe due to the fact the larger engine couldn’t rev as high.
If you ever decide you want a much faster bike you can buy a NSR for the same price as a FZR. The NSR is as fast as a 400cc 4-stroke…actually it’s faster than most 400s…in acceleration AND top speed.

I would think that, in general, NSRs would be a bit more than FZR’s, but I could be wrong. In any case, even a 135cc RZR/RZX “Zhuifeng” or a Honda “Wangpai” will give you far superior acceleration and speed compared to an FZ or FZR.

A few days ago I had the chance to move between FRZ and RZR and compare. There was just no comparison. FZR is heavy and sluggish This one may have been bored out because it vibrated so badly your backside would be numb on any sort of longer ride. Good side was it stopped well care of the twin discs in front.

RZR is light and free revving. Not an NSR but no power valve or radiator make for less maintenance issues.

If I could get a 250cc 2 stroke road bike here it would be ideal.

Yeah, I have a RZR as well which does outgun the FZR by quite a bit. The FZR does feel a little more stable and solid on the road than the RZR though, and I’m a bit worried about the RZR’s reliability, and the fact that I don’t think there are very many spare parts around. I wanna try and give the FZR a little bit of an “edge” and then try sell it, maybe the RZR too, and buy a NSR.