G 20 What can we expect?

Some time has passed since I have been browsing this forum last.

Those were the times of theBush administration, Iraq disputes, Eurozone economy being in bad shape compared to the UK or the US economies.

Those were the times of Fred Smith and some others thinking they knew it all and better than others. :doh: Times, when ,after all , people of the world rebelling against Bush and his politics were considered as "ignorant because they didn t have a clue of what was good for them.
Times when richer got richer and many poorer.
Times when finance and speculators were the ruler of this world. The wild west again, uncontrolled institution
Times when liberalism was considered like a sacred religion everyone had to obey blind

Since then, many things have changed.
Capitalism based on unregulated finance lead America and the UK in particular to a disastrous economy.
Some speculators are in jail, some rich CEO fired so shortsighted in their decision and blind by all the money they could make in a short time.
America declining much faster than I would have thought. I always said China will soon takeover but that was at a much faster pace I would have thought.

The only good event that happened in the last few months, was that America woke up and choosed the best possible option to save them for a disaster. Obama

So what do you thing this G20 summit will bring to this world ?

I do hope that new rules will apply with some regulations or this free trade economy could be in great danger.
People will not tolerate anymore not to be put at the center of all decisions.

China is going to make a big push to force the greenback as a secondary monetary currency of choice.
US is going to try to convince everyone to US treasury bonds.
Europe is going to push for more protectionism.

People usually wake up from nightmares when it is over, not when it is still occuring.

Well, the protestors seem to be out enjoying themselves.

I find it more likely Europe will more likely continue to publicly scold U.S. protectionism while pushing their own protectionist measures. Meanwhile the U.S. will ask everyone to follow its lead and spend like there’s no tomorrow.

I do believe some of the miscreants were treated to seeing some of these…