G Down Club

This place is gorgeous AND groovy!! They have VIP rooms, beautiful balinese furnishings, and play funky music. It’s located on Fuxing South near the Da-an MRT.
The street entrance looks like a furniture shop but club is downstairs.
Address: 13 Fuxing South Sec.2

It might also be a good spot for an Oriented happy hour some time.

Oh, the toilet’s amazing…

That’s important to me, because I always end up spending the wee hours of the morning talking to God on the big white telephone, driving the porcelain bus, etc. :smiley: :mrgreen: :smiley: :mrgreen:

Seriously though…
Is there a cover? Would it be conducive to a birthday celebration? Next month I plan on a very informal gathering of friends to celebrate 35 years of not having died, and from what I hear G Down might be just the ticket. If you can think of another venue that would be suitable for the occasion, let me know.

Yeah, I think it’d be a great place for a bday party. Were you thinking of inviting lots of people? Because the vip rooms which line one side of the place hold about 10-15, I think, and they’re sort of seperated from each other by transluscent diaphonous draperies.

Brand new place, only open a few months. I think it could use some promo as it’s not exactly a place that will advertise for business. They prob spent far too much money on the decor, for one. Mr. Foreign Taiwan will be held there, so you could check it out at that time…

This place has been open since at least August. I used to live near there and walked by it on my way home every night.

At first it seemed like it was going for that ultra-secret niche, the type of place that only local celebs and their hangers-on go to and know about it. Hence the store-front facade and the barely visible door that opens up to the bar downstairs.

After the local celebs and their hangers-on quit going, I noticed they began to advertise drink specials in their front window, so as to say to people, “Hey, there’s a bar here!”

The place is very comfortable. The mood and atmosphere is right. I like it in part because no one ever goes there. Everyone I have taken there says they like the place.

I, too, am down with G-Down. As nice as the place is, they’ve kept most all their mixed drinks priced at NT$250. Of course their drinks menu starts off with wines that are intoxicatingly expensive, but it’s a great place to share a bottle. G-Down, it must be said, is the best bar in town to take a date (point me in a different direction if you think I’m wrong).

Ditto on the loo