Gadhafi: Dubya's new pal?

Another day, another surprise. Or is it Wag the Dog Part 2?

Saddam has just been captured and now news suddenly emerges that Gadhafi has agreed to halt Libya’s development of chemical and nuclear weapons.

Is this just a weird coincidence, well-timed re-election politics, or another billion dollar homerun by Halliburton/Cheney?

What do you make of this development?

Actually, Khaddafi has been laying low and trying to avoid being nuked for several years now. The American response after Sept. 11 scared the everliving shit out of him.

This is a good thing. See what happens when loony third-world dictators realize they’ll get killed if they don’t reform? The whole Middle East is rethinking its positions.

Sure, Reuters is going to report that “In Tripoli, noted kebab vendor Ali (who refused to give his last name) said he will fight to the death against George W. Bush”, but in reality he’s either going to be a corpse or hiding under a burqa if he tries it, and he knows it.

where have you been Larsen? Gaddhafi has been making surprising attempts to re-enter the world community for some time now. This latest move hardly carries the melodramatic implications you give to it.

I think that this is further vindication of George Bush’s policies.

The US left the antimissile treaty and now we have everyone on board Surprise surprise. The Japanese are building a US system and Korea and Taiwan are interested as well. In addition, European countries are also quietly looking at options.

Now he have the tough policy that was supposedly going to see the Arab Street rise up but au contraire, nothing but quiet and successful outcomes. This is yet another example. With Libya out of the equation, we only need to deal with Sudan and Somalia in Africa, Syria (proxy Lebanon), Palestine and Iran in the Middle East and Pakistan and rebel elements in Afghanistan. There are problems in Indonesia as well. Looks like the report card is getting better by the day. So let’s see what we can do about getting rid of Syria-Lebanon next.

I love this bit: … &printer=1

Well, gosh, what was happening in mid-March 2003? Umm, vernal equinox, some celebrity scandal or other, oh, and the American invasion of Iraq. Must’ve had something to do with the vernal equinox; were any New Age types doing any particular crystal-chanting or harmonica convergences?

MaPoDoFu wrote: were any New Age types doing any particular crystal-chanting or harmonica convergences?

Maybe Fred Frontier’s mother should look for him in Tripoli. Maybe Fred is a covert CIA agent and he been conducting secret back channel negotiations with the Libyans all this time. I don’t think he will be as luck finding online paramours in Tripoli. heheheheh.

In all seriousness, it is good that Libya is re-entering the international arena. Speaking of third world dictators, when will the U.S. put more pressure on the House of Saud to democratize? Their token iniative (local elections for city hall assemblymen in Riyadh) is mere public relations designed for international consumption.