Gaining ROC Citizenship as a Singaporean

Hey there, my mom is a Taiwanese(currently still is) , we have a house here in Taiwan and everything but i’m born Singaporean with a SG passport. My mom did not apply for any identification cards of sorts when i was under 18. Right now i’ve been living in Taiwan for the 5th-6th year (4 years uni, 1 year Work visa) and i’m devastated to know that i cannot actually apply for Permanent residency just because i am considered ROC naturally at birth.

Right now i’m in the phase of hanging on to a void period of 6 months to “look for a job” and if i want to continue staying in Taiwan, the only way is to get a work visa OR via marriage, which is not something i want to consider. Is there any way i can work around of me keeping my Singapore Passport yet owning a Taiwanese Identity?

Please advise…anyone…

Does she have a household registration? Or, do you have any lineal relative with a household registration?