Gall bladder stones - eat something when you are hungry

The gall bladder secretes bile which is used to digest fat in the food we eat. When there is no food or no fat to digest, old bile in the gall bladder doesn’t get replaced and in time hardens. Thus, forming stones. Doctors say skipping breakfast is the fastest way to form gall bladder stones. Eating breakfast doesn’t make one fat.

A liver flush could easily solve problems with gall stones. Surgery is unnecessary.

I’ll have to look into this. I often live off a near/semi-starvation diet. These days it’s vegetarian with lots of fruit and vegetables.

I’m not sure what’s my calorie intake. Maybe it’s the equivalent of 1 1/2 meals or less. I change but am trying to do less.

How about monks or yogis? Is meditation enough? How do various hormones or neurotransmitters affect this? If one feels good, how about that?

I find this hard to believe because when I had my gall bladder out, the doctor was amazed that someone who ate as little and as healthy I did could have gall problems. He said that gall problems were generally for those who ate much meat and cheese and those who often overeat.
He also stated that it was amazing for a women my size to have gall problems because I was only 20lbs heavy and it usually affected women who were much larger than I was.

It can also be caused by rapid weight loss, especially fasting and especially in people who are overweight to begin with.