Gallery needed

Hi all,

I have recently moved to Taipei from London, I am a photographer and will be looking for work throughout Asia. For now though I would like to continue showing my work as much as possible and would like any information regarding galleries, cafe’s, bars or any space I can hang my work and get seen.

I am also interested in building my creative network so if there are any other friendly photographers, film makers, music lovers or artists of any kind I would really enjoy saying hello and hopefully getting a better insight into this vibrant and energetic place.



Welcome to Taiwan. I’m a working photographer here and may be able to give you a few introductions to others.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for getting in touch, that is a great offer.
I should get my phone sorted in a few hours if you could email me duncan@duncan-photo it would be great to arrange something like a coffee etc…

I know nothing about the industry but am a big fan of photographs. If you get something up and running, please let me know as I would love to check it out.

I also know a lot of talented professional translators if you’ll be needing anything rendered into Chinese…

Hey Hokwongwei,

Thank you for the interest, I am off to check out some national geographic exhibition next weekend with a friend. She knows someone who is exhibiting her paintings so hopefully she can point me in the right direction.

My wife is Taiwanese and at the moment I am staying at her families house, so translating stuff is ok. It is me who needs to learn Chinese (mandarin) that is more pressing.

Hope to get a show on soon and fingers crossed some work too.


I’ll send you an email tomorrow. Spent all day today shooting for the NBA and am too exhausted to think right now.